3 Sure Fire Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

3 Sure Fire Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

Even though you might live in a leafy suburb with low crime rates, lovely neighbors and a great reputation, it doesn’t mean that your home is immune from potential thieves staking out your property.

Any hint of a vulnerability in your home and burglars will pounce stealing your material items and violating your personal space. It’s vital that you can do everything within your power to ensure that this doesn’t happen and to maintain the safety and security of your brood.

Take a look at these three sure-fire ways to ensure that your home remains secure.

Alarm System

The most obvious way to secure your home is to fit it with a visible alarm system. The presence of a small flashing box alone is enough to ward off all but the most foolhardy of would-be thieves.

The most crucial aspect of home security is creating enough of a deterrent to convince criminals that your home is not an easy target. Alarm systems that are hooked up to a network are perfect as should any unwanted activity occur, law enforcement can be called automatically. Pay a little more each month, and you could hook up a camera to your security system.

This way, no matter where you are in the world, whether you are sat at your desk at work or whether you are sunning yourself on the beach in Tahiti, you can log in and take a look at the exterior of your home.

A Smart Home

In the twentyfirst century, people are more reliant than ever on technology to make their lives easier at home. By employing a range of home automation services, you can ensure that your lights are turned on at regular intervals, or your radio is played every so often, to create the illusion of activity in the home.

3 Sure Fire Ways To Keep Your Home Secure - Smart Home
Setting up a Smart Home can add a lot of security and safety for your family and belongings

A thief will not strike if he or she feels that the home is occupied. A smarter home utilizing technology is the ideal way to ensure that your humble abode is safe when you are away for extended periods of time.

Locks And Doors

With all the technology at our fingertips, the old school locks that fit on your windows and doors still need to be maintained. Make sure that you have a mortice lock fitted, double glazing and that your window locks are secure.

Don’t be foolish and leave your car keys in view from the front door. Composite doors with minimal glass are much harder to force open. Speed is of the essence for a thief, so any barrier that you put in their way will be a deterrent.

You also need to look at the entry points to your home. Ensure that you have adequate locks on backyard gates, make sure your patio doors remain locked and keep valuable items away from prying eyes.


Securing your home might not be high up on your list if you feel that you live in a well-to-do area. However, thieves can strike any area given enough motive and if they feel like they can get away with it.

Take your time to assess the security of your home, initiate some deterrents and keep your property as secure as Fort Knox. This will be money well spent.

Josh – Contributing Author

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