3 Top Gadgets For Making The Life of a New Parent Easier

3 Top Gadgets For Making The Life of a New Parent Easier

Having a baby is a pretty amazing adventure. But for something so tiny, they sure do need a lot of stuff. And they do have a tendency to take over life as you knew it. A new baby is life-altering, and they don’t come with a manual of how to look after them (plus, they are all so different).

But the good news for any soon-to-be or newbie parents out there is that there are things out there that can help you to adjust and make life with a little one that bit simpler. Some will be pretty inexpensive; some may have a hefty price tag. But if it comes to getting more sleep or having a little bit of normality back in your life, then it can be worth it.

So here are some top gadgets that can make things easier for new parents. Do you have any that you’ve tried before and just couldn’t live without? It would be great to hear what you think.

#1 – Video Baby Monitor

Baby monitors that offer sound alone are not always necessary. Unless you live in a huge house, you are likely to hear your baby when they cry in the night or wake up unhappy after a nap. But a video baby monitor can come in handy, especially for nap time. You can see what they are doing, if they are awake, as well as hearing them if required. So for nap times when you might be out in the garden, you can take it with you to hear them. It can be a good thing for bedtime too, especially if they aren’t the best at going to sleep; you can check what they are up to, without them seeing you and inevitably wanting you to take them out of the crib.

There are so many monitors out there on the market. I’ve recently published a whole article about what makes great baby monitors and gave you guys my top 3 recommendations.

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Alternatively, you could look at this website to find some baby monitor reviews, for example. Or perhaps check out reviews on somewhere like Amazon; they can be worth the money.

#2 – Baby Bjorn Doona Car Seat

Getting a baby into the car, as well as strapping them in, not dropping your phone or shopping, can all be a bit of a juggling act. But the Doona car seat is not just a car seat, it doubles up as a stroller too. The wheels fold right up to make a safe car seat, but then pop right out to work as a stroller. So for quick trips to the store, or for travel, it can be a stress-free choice.

#3 – Outdoor Carrier

Getting out and about can be much easier with a little one when you can be hands-free. Which is why baby slings or carriers can be such a good idea. Look for one that is good for the baby’s hips, as well as one that is made from a washable material (hello throw-up stains). Ones that can be worn on the front or the back are good too, as it means it will last a longer time and allow the baby to grow.


Thanks for reading my article and stopping by here at ThatToyDad.com. I hope you got what you came for. Did you like the article? What gadget did you like most? Is there anything I forgot? What is the most important parenting gadget in your life? Please share it with us in the comments below.

Also, if you have any quastions, do not hesitate to reach out via the comments. Chris and I are always happy to help 🙂

Much love an all the best,

Josh – Contributing Author

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