4 Things Down-With-The-Kids Dads Should Know About iPhones

4 Things Down-With-The-Kids Dads Should Know About iPhones

Is it important to you that you’re not a fuddy-duddy dad? Are you that type of father the other kids love because you’re cool and up to date with the latest trends? Maybe that’s part of the reason you own an iPhone!? Maybe you’re more like me and you appreciate Apple’s products for what they are: Technically sophisticated, mature and user-friendly personal devices.

No matter what the reason ist. The fact that you’re here tells me:

Yep, you’re down with the kids.

And one thing you certainly do not want to happen is to is embarrass yourself in front of those kids, right? With that in mind, here are four things to remember about iPhones.

#1 – They’re Fragile

Apple doesn’t make devices which are strong, sturdy and durable. Whether it’s part of their profit plan or not, the phones are notoriously flimsy. And, they aren’t cheap to repair unless you know of a reputable iPhone repair service nearby. This is worth noting because dads can be blasé with their cells, and that leads to bumps and scratches and chips. Well, one slip and your iPhone will be no more and you won’t be the cool dad who the latest model. The X will be all but a pipedream. Be attentive and handle with care if you want it to work properly.

iphones can act as disaster magnets
iPhones have huge displays that tend to act as a magical disaster magnet, especially around kids (that is obviously not limited to Apple smartphones)

#2 – They’re Energy Sappers

Anything with a lowercase “i” in the title isn’t going to last long without a charger. There are too many apps and software updates for the battery to run unimpeded without a hit of electricity. In fact, some models won’t last half a day depending on the amount of usage. A dead phone is only going to get on your nerves and lead to dad-like outbursts. “This damn cell never has any charge” and “what’s the point in a phone which can’t make calls?!” are surefire signs you’re not the hip dad you imagine. Carry your charger everywhere and plug it in at every opportunity. Over the course of 10 years, this can easily add up to roughly $30,000!

#3 – They’re Sneaky

Not everything about Apple is frustrating to dads. One thing most fathers can get on board with is the iCloud. In simple terms, it’s where devices sync to a single plan through one account. Therefore, if yours is the main one, then everything that happens on other devices is visible. Now, because you’re cool doesn’t mean you don’t care about what the kids do in their spare time. It’s a constant worry, but you can’t challenge them without being a square. Thankfully, the iCloud function means you can keep “looking out for them”. Very sneaky.

apples icloud helps you sync content and activities across devices
Apple’s iCloud helps you to sync content and activities across devices, which is a huge relief when it comes to parenting and taking care of your kids

#4 – They’re Expensive

And, that’s not only a reference to the new iPhone X which costs $1,000. It’s also a shout out to the in-app purchases and the constant release of new hardware. Anyone who thinks they can continue to use their old charger, for example, is sadly mistaken. Apple is sneaky, and it makes sure new models have different fittings which require customers to fork out money. You may be willing to do this, but you should be aware of the cost before making a decision.


At the end of the day, the question remains: Is your rep worth this amount of cash? Obviously, that is a question only YOU can answer. I know that Chris, the owner of this website, loves his iPhone and other Apple products. Being a full-time nerd himself he loves how easy these products integrate into his daily life. But I also know tons of people who really hate Apple for a whole bunch of reasons. One of them being the high prices they ask for.

I recently stumbled across this video here; and if you are considering buying a new iPhone, please make sure to check it out first.

And now, as Chris usually says: It is your turn. What do you think of Apple products, especially from a dad’s perspective? Are they worth the money? How well do they integrate into your life as a parent? Are they compatible? Or would you rather go back to the good old days of sturdy flip phones? Please let us know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading and spending your time with us!

Much love,

Josh – Contributing Author

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