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Hi Dads, hi Moms, hi everyone! My name is Chris and I am That Toy Dad. I am 32 years old, a loving husband and father, and I have been obsessed with toys, probably since I started thinking.

About ChrisAs a child I was a huge fan of everything related to LEGO, especially those LEGO Technic models. I remember that as kids we were fighting Castle Grayskull with our He-Man Action Figurines. Whether it was puzzles, board games, trading cards!? Man, I was all in 🙂 Later I started building and flying RC models. I used to be a gamer, and if times allows for it I still am. I was obsessed with playing, and I am ever since!

The greatest gift for me as a toy-obsessed, playful dad was the birth of our son Benjamin in July 2015. At the time I am writing this article my son is one and a half years old and he means the world to me. If you are a mom or dad yourself, you know what I’m talking about. Besides that, Benjamin is the main reason that all of sudden I am sitting between LEGO Duplo bricks, wooden building blocks, talking cars and wooden railroad tracks day in and day out – without having to make any excuses 🙂 It. Is. Wonderful!!!

Why I Started This Website

If you are like me, you are a mom or dad who loves his/her kid more than anything else in the world, right? Yeah, kids can annoy the hell out of you. But (as crazy as that may sound to anyone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be a mom or a dad) when that little toddler smiles, the world is all good and everything is forgiven.

However, we as moms and dads are always looking out to connect with our kids as good as possible. And what I found out what works best for me and Benjamin is that the best way to establish a good, healthy father-son relation ship is to play together. I bet you agree with this one: Playing with your kid is the ultimate, easiest and most fun way to connect with him or her. Do stuff with your kids! Be crazy, be playful!

Encourage your kids to play as much as possible. Kids can experience the entire world through playing with things. And they should! From the bottom of my heart I believe that you as a dad or a mom should be a rolemodel in that respect.

“Being a rolemodel” sounds so huge, but it’s actually easy, especially when it comes down to playing with your kids. And it can become the easiest thing in the world when you enjoy playing with your kids as much as they love playing with you!

With this website I want to help and inspire you to play with your kids and find cool toys that you and your kids can enjoy TOGETHER!

Who Is This Website For?

  • Maybe you just forgot what it is like to enjoy toys in the past 20, 30 or 40 years of life, and you are looking for someone to point you in the right direction. Then this website is for you!
  • Maybe you are as much into toys as I am, and you are looking for some cool and new stuff which may help you to connect with your kids. Then this website is for you!
  • Maybe you are wondering why that strange neighbour keeps telling you that playing Slot Car Racing with his one and a half year old son is the greatest thing on earth for him? (If you answer this question with yes, you’re probably MY neighbour 🙂 ) Then this website is for you!
  • Maybe you’re a granddad or grandma looking for some cool stuff to get your own son and grandchildren for christmas or birthday, so that they can enjoy it together. Then this website is for you!

What To Do Next?

I am very glad you made it here. Having you here on this website is a great thing for you and your kids. And for me as well, because I can learn from you, too! If you find anything around here on this blog you want to comment at, please feel free to do so. I am looking for feedback in any form you can think of. PLEASE(!) let me know what you think.

You can also get in touch with me directly by using the contact form on the website or by emailing me at chris@thattoydad.com

Have fun! That’s what this website is ultimately all about 🙂




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