Bills, Budgets and Banks: Are You Getting What You Pay For in the Family Home?

Bills Budgets and Banks - Are You Getting What You Pay For in the Family Home

Keeping your family home running is a costly job and it’s getting more and more expensive by the year. You are always looking for ways to keep your costs down so you might want to consider getting thrifty around the home.

Family life should never feel like a struggle, so if you reassess some of your outgoing you might have more money to spend on other fun family activities. Whether you’re reducing your energy tariff or reassessing your broadband package, there will always be a way to bring in some extra money every month.

Consider all of the following elements and you will soon see if your bills, budgets and bank accounts can be adjusted to keep your costs down.

Internet Check

If you are paying for the best possible internet package will super speeds and fantastic fibre, you might want to consider getting everything checked out professionally. You might not actually be getting what you’re paying for, especially because the big companies can get away with dumbing down their services as far as possible.

If I were in your shoes, I would find a reputable service that would explain in detail, so you no longer have to wonder how fast is my internet? You will then be able to have peace of mind that you truly are getting what you pay for.

Energy Efficiency

Your home might be losing energy on a daily basis if you aren’t running it efficiently. If you don’t already use energy saving light bulbs then you might be losing out on a lot of money each month.

Bills Budgets and Banks - Are You Getting What You Pay For in the Family Home - Energy Efficiency

Although it might seem like a small amount in the short term, if you switch to these for the long haul you will have much lower bills each months. Similarly, you should also be trying to keep your house insulated as much as possible so that you’re not letting out any of the heat you are paying for. Whether you look at insulating your roof or you fix any damaged windows you will be keeping your home toasty and warm without wasting a single penny.

Food Facts

The average family wastes a lot of food every single day, so think about how much money you are tossing into the trash can after dinner. Try to scale back on your grocery shops for a while and adopt a buy and you go strategy.

This will prevent food from going stale in the fridge and you will have to think more carefully about what you buy every day. Make smaller portions or take leftovers to work the next day. By cutting down on food waste you will be able to have a lower food bill each month and you will be doing your bit for the environment too.

You might not have thought about these ideas around the home before, so it’s time to put them into action. Save your family a lot of money over the years and think about how you can increase your bank balance, cut down on your bills and expand your budget little by little.

Josh – Contributing Author

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