How To Make Your Smartphone A Funphone

How To Make Your Smartphone A Funphone

There are some people who think that the smartphone obsession is just a fad, and really, it’s possible that they’re right. After all, they’re barely ten years old, but now think they’re as important as the keys for the front door when they leave home for the day. Is it going to go on forever?

Well, we don’t know, but if people begin to see their phone as an inconvenience rather than something that adds to their life, then probably not. One way to get around this feeling, however, is to make the phone more fun. We take a look at five ways how below.

Get the Right Apps

If your phone is just filled with banking apps and apps that help you plan the quickest route to work, then of course it’s going to be boring! Instead, liven up your phone by installing the apps that actually offer something fun and positive, such as those that bring music, television, and movies to your screen.

If you’ve got Spotify and Netflix, then you’ll be on your way to being entertained! Another fun app that shows you something different is Starwalk, which shows you what stars you’re looking up at in real time.

Add Games

Remember when home game consoles game out? Boy oh boy, was it a revelation. Now, we get to enjoy games on the device that we carry around in our pocket! If you’ve got a long train or bus journey, or you’re just looking for something to do, then you can get out your phone and try your hand at completing a game.

How To Make Your Smartphone A Funphone - Add Games

There are plenty of different game genres available, and they’ve come on a lot in recent years; they’re now better in quality and handling than some of the early console games.

Liven up the Everyday

Of course, it’s easy to forget that a smartphone is just a phone with a whole bunch more added on to it. Despite everything it can do for us, it remains a way to stay in touch.

So why not liven up how you communicate? You can download the Jomoji app for more emojis and stickers for your phone. You’ll always have the perfect response to your friend’s message, without even having to type. You can also add your own funky ringtone to your device, too.

Get Creative

It’s easy to forget that, if you have a new phone, then you’ve likely got a seriously impressive camera. The camera might be so good that you can shoot a movie on there! So, erm, why not?

We don’t always have as many opportunities to be creative as we might like. With your phone, you’ve got a ready made option just waiting for you to unleash your creative side!

Put Down Social Media

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might seem good, but they can be big time wasters. Force yourself to have a break from them, and you might find that you naturally venture into the side of your smartphone that’s more fun!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts below 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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