The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Children: Why Bean Bag Chairs are Such a Great Choice

Why Bean Bag Chairs are Such a Great Choice


Kids just love bean bag chairs! I would have to confess that they take me back to my childhood, I sure did love my bean bag chair. They’re the perfect comfy place to relax for kids of any age. In this article, we’re going to be looking at the best bean bag chairs for children and why bean bag chairs are such a great choice, perfect for any home.

I’ll also give you my top three picks that are available on

Why Bean Bag Chairs are a Good Choice for Kids

They’re comfy and come in a broad pallet of fun patterns and colors, making it easy to find one that is perfect for your home. Great for use in the bedroom, playroom, living room, in fact pretty much anywhere, because they’re easy to move around you can take them wherever needed.

It’s true to say that kids can be tough on your furniture, your once immaculate home can soon resemble a war zone. By giving them their own place to sit, you can rest easy that your expensive couch is spared their juice spills, sticky hands, and dirty feet. Plus, kids really like having their own personal place to sit, where they can throw themselves down without you having to worry.

What to Look for in a Great Bean Bag Chair

The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Children - FabricThere are a few things to consider when buying a bean bag chair. Here’s what to check out:

  • Tough, durable fabrics
  • Strong stitching
  • Easy clean
  • Internal liners
  • Heavy-duty double zips
  • Choice of sizes
  • Fillings
  • Color and pattern choices
  • Comfort
  • Portability


Is the material strong enough to withstand long-term use by children? It’s going to have to be super durable if it’s going to last very long.


The stitching is also important.  Many bean bag chairs feature double stitching to help ensure there are no problems with seams coming apart. Keep a lookout for this feature.


Kids make mess! It is inevitable that at some point they will spill a drink or get food or dirt onto their bean bag chair, so make sure it’s easy to clean. Look for covers that are removable and washable or covers made from materials you can easily wipe clean.

The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Children - Cleanup


Many bean bag chairs now come with a separate internal liner that holds the filling, this is good for two reasons; firstly, it helps prevent curious children from being able to get at the filling, and secondly, it means you don’t have to deal with emptying out the messy contents when you want to clean the cover.


Really tough zips are just as important as the fabric and stitching. If the zips aren’t strong, they will soon give under pressure forced upon them with daily use. Chairs that feature double zips are also a great idea; they help prevent kids from accessing the filling. An oozing mass of hypermagnetic polystyrene balls is really no fun at all.


Size matters with bean bag chairs, nothing is worse than a chair that’s too small, so always go for one that is a bit larger. Kids grow – fast!


Gone are the days when all bean bag chairs were with polystyrene balls. Today many chairs are filled with shredded foam and can even be filled with your kid’s soft toys, which is a great easy storage solution and perfect for quick room clean up.

When purchasing your bean bag chair, take a look at the feedback about fillings. Both polystyrene or foam filings will compress over time and require additional filling. This, however, shouldn’t be a necessity in the first week of use!

Also, be aware that polystyrene balls are a better filing choice for smaller children, as they mold around your child easily. Foam fillings don’t mold around young children well, as a young child is too light and just bounces off of the chair. It may also be necessary to remove some filling for smaller kids.


The Best Bean Bag Chairs for Children - ColorsPerhaps your son or daughter has a favorite color, or you’d like to match the bean bag chair to their room.

To do this look for companies that offer a wide range of colors and patterns, luckily most do.


If your kid is going to use their bean bag chair a lot, then it’s going to have to be comfortable. No-one wants to sit in something that doesn’t feel good. Reading customer feedback reviews is a good way of checking this out.


If portability is important to you, then a polystyrene-filled chair is the easiest to move option, with the soft toy stuffed chairs being the most difficult. This is just due to the overall weight of the chair.

My Top Three Bean Bag Chair Picks

The first chair I have chosen is a traditional polystyrene ball-filled chair that is ideal for younger children.

Lukeight Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids

Manufacturer: Lukeight

Recommended Age Range: 2 years and up

Latest Price: Check here

Kids love to relax in this comfy bean bag chair. It comes in so many color choices there’s bound to be one that’s a perfect match for their room.

There are three different sizes available too, to fit every member of the family, from toddler to adult.

The rugged design features double-stitched seams and a double zipper that prevents young kids from accessing the polystyrene ball filling. Replacement fillings are available separately.

Stuff ‘n’ Sit Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

My next choice is this great chair that uses your kid’s stuffed toys as the filling. It’s an excellent storage solution, making room cleanup fun and easy.

Manufacturer: Creative QT

Recommended Age Range: 4 years and up

Latest Price: Check here

Your kids won’t complain about tidying their room with this! It’s actually fun to pack your stuffed toys away, then use it as a comfy chair. It’s also suitable for out-of-season clothes, throws, pillows, or blanket storage.

Available in a choice of two sizes; standard (27-inch diameter) to hold approximately 50+ stuffed toys or extra-large (38-inch diameter) to hold approximately 90+ stuffed toys.

It’s made from a highly durable, washable, cotton canvas that is comfortable to sit on and comes in a range of patterns and colors. It’s ideal for younger children right up to teenagers.

Featuring an extra-long zip for easy toy access, that is reinforced to ensure it can withstand all that your kids can throw at it.

Creative QT offers a lifetime quality guarantee and puts their products through laboratory testing to ensure it is free from harmful materials. This is reassuring, and lets you know that this is a high-quality item.

Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

My final choice is this chair that uses shredded memory foam as the filling instead of polystyrene beads.

Manufacturer: Comfy Sacks

Recommended Age Range: 5 to 12 years

Latest Price: Check here

This bean bag chair is ideal for slightly older children rather than toddlers. It has a super soft, but durable microsuede cover that is removable and washable. The internal liner keeps the filling safely away from kids’ inquisitive hands and makes washing the outer cover easy. It comes in a choice of three gender-neutral colors chocolate, earth, or orange, and features double-stitched seams. The soft, shredded, memory foam filling helps the bean bag chair to maintain a good shape and prevents it from losing shape during use.


As you can see, the range of choice available in bean bag chairs for children has come a long way since we were kids. You’re sure to be able to find one that ideally fits your needs and that your kids simply love. They are practical, useful, comfortable, and fun, so what’s not to love?

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I hope your kids have a great time lounging in their bean bag chairs.

Do you have something to add? Do your kids already own a bean bag chair? How do they like them? Let us know below 🙂


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