Why You Should Get Your Kids Involved In Team Sports

Why You Should Get Your Kids Involved In Team Sports

While we all know that kids need exercise in order to lead healthy lives, most of our little ones will sort this out of their own accord. They’ll run around the yard, they’ll play games during recess at school, they’ll cycle around the block… you don’t really have to put all too much thought into ensuring that they are sufficiently developing their strength and stamina.

However, it’s always good to give your little ones a little direction and to introduce them to physical activities that they might not be able to carry out of their own accord.

Take team sports as an example. Most kids will be unable to attend team sports training, games, or matches, unless you invest in kits and equipment for them and pick them up and drop them off from sessions and events. But this could prove more than worth the financial investment and effort involved.

Here are just a few different reasons that you should really encourage your little ones to get involved in team sports!

Developing a Passion

It’s great for kids to have a hobby. It provides them with something to invest their interest in, something to read about, talk about, and something to follow in their day to day lives.

If a kid is invested in soccer, they can attend matches, support teams, talk about matches with others at school. If your kid takes a liking to baseball, you might find them talking enthusiastically about favourite players, a team’s line up card, and current league tables.

It’s great to help your child find a passion in life!


Team sports require teamwork amongst different members and team spirit. They require open, honest, and clear communication between different players and this often has to be fast paced.

Why You Should Get Your Kids Involved In Team Sports - Teamwork

People involved have to prioritise the good of the team over individual success – your little one won’t be able to hog the ball, hoping to score independently and take the limelight – they will have to share responsibility and success with others.

This is a transferable skill and, hopefully, your little one will consequently be able to communicate well with you, friends, teachers, and other people too!


While your child will develop a sense of comradery with their own teammates, they will also learn a lot from their competition. They will learn that they can’t always win and how to lose gracefully. They will also learn to celebrate gracefully should they win. A sense of competition should also help your children’s confidence!

These are just a few of the different benefits that come hand in hand with engaging with team sports. Your child could really benefit from them! So, try out a few different sports with them and see which they take to. Then encourage them to keep up with it!

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