You’re Forever Young, Not a Boring Dad: A 5-Step-Guide to Being an Exciting Dad

You are Forever Young Not a Boring Dad

People generally seem to go through the same motions. They’re young; they’re fun, they’re free. Then they get some responsibilities, and they swear that they won’t become like all the other boring folks out there.

And then before they know it, they have kind of slipped into that “no fun” mode of being. But there’s good news: boring-itis isn’t a permanent condition. You can take steps to make yourself fun again! We take a look at some of these methods people. Your kids will appreciate it… and so will you!

So in today’s blog post, we’ll answer the age-old question of “How not to be a boring as a dad?” – Let’s dive right into it…

#1 – Don’t be Afraid to Play

If you’ve been around this blog for a while you know how much That Toy Dad is committed to the idea of playing together. So that first one won’t surprise you: Have FUN with your kids. Don’t be afraid to play!

Do not be afraid to play
Do yourself and your kids a BIG favor: Please, PLEASE(!) don’t be afraid to play!

What a sad time it is when a person looks a swing set and instead of thinking “let’s go play!” they just walk on by. Now, we get it. There’s a brief period where being cool counts for a lot, and going on a swing set isn’t that cool. But that only lasts for a couple of years. Once you’re secure enough not to need to impress other people, you can play until your heart’s content. So give it a go. It’s one of those things that you don’t remember how fun it is until you’re doing it. Plus, your children will love you for having an extra playmate!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, make sure to check out our blog about spending quality time with your kids. Maybe you want to try something completely new, which would be awesome. Good places to start could be giving video games a try, checking out archery together or bringing back some childhood memories by playing together with Lego Duplos.

#2 – Mix Up the Everyday

Part of the reason so many of us become boring is that we’re just stuck in the same old routine every day. We get up, get ready, drive to work, put in a shift, and then head home. Not very exciting! So why not mix up your routine? Instead of starting up your car in the morning, buy a hoverboard – find out more online if you don’t know what they are – and commute to work in style. You’ll be amazed at just how much fun going to work and back can be.

Also consider if going part time or working from home one or two days per week is a feasable option for you and your family. It can help mixing things up and really improve your family life. Ultimately, you may even want to consider becoming a full time Stay at Home Dad (which is awesome, by the way)!

#3 – Try New Activities

When we’re younger, it seems like all we’re ever going is new activities. And boy, it’s fun, even if we didn’t fully appreciate or realize it at the time. As time goes on, however, we stop doing new things, and instead settle into our usual hobbies. But diversity is the spice of life! So look at taking up a new activity. The exciting thing about the world is that the possibilities for fun are endless; you can do anything and everything, from biking to hot air ballooning to scuba diving and more.

One activity that is really trendy this season (and super family friendly) is Stand Up Paddling. If you don’t know what that is, check out the video below:

#4 – Rethink What You Know

Of all the insidious things about getting older, none are as limiting as becoming too “set in our ways”. We think we have everything figured out, and so, instead of continually reviewing and updating our beliefs, we just look for more evidence that we were right all along. It’s a healthy practice to doubt yourself every now and again. You’ll be open to new things, and thus will always have the capacity for wonder.

#5 – Surprise the Family

Do you have a reputation within the clan of being boring? Then it’s time to whip out a surprise family present or day out – that’ll show them who’s dull!

Bonus Tip: Teach Them Responsibility In A Fun Way

At some point, you’ll have to teach your kids how to be responsible, despite the fact that it could be boring. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways you can do this. Keep your kids’ interests in mind when you’re doing this and tailor it specifically to that. If you kids like cars, for example, show them how to keep things clean by letting them help you clean the car.

It’ll be a more fun way of showing them this instead of just telling them they need to clean it. You could also encourage them to look after things by knowing where to buy auto paint and getting them to help you paint and maintain your car.


What do you think about the ideas and concepts pointed out in this blog post? What do you personally do to avoid becoming boring? Did I miss something? If you have anything to add to this post, please share it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Josh – Contributing Author

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