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When you have kids, you know that the key to success is knowing about the little tips, tricks and lifehacks that help you to stay organized, while your kids are running around you and leave you little to no time to get stuff straight. Right? Right!

So, What Is The “Parenting”-Section About?

In this section, I want to share the little tips and hacks that I and my wife utilize to get things done and stay organized. Or at least try to do so 🙂 This is stuff I learned over the past years since our son was born. I’m pretty sure that you also have your tweaks and tricks that help you and your family to stay on top. Please let me know, if you have something to add!

Have Something to Add?

What are YOUR best tips, tricks and lifehacks that use to make your own and your kid’s lifes easier? I bet there is tons of stuff I can learn from you guys. Let me know what you have to add! I’ll try it out and will add it to my tips section here on the website. Please get in touch with me through the comments or email me at – I’m looking forward to learn from you guys



Please click here to see all my parenting article >>

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