Trending Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2021 – My Three Picks

Finally, 2020 is coming to an end and December the 25th is fast approaching. You may well have purchased all your holiday gifts months ago. Or (like me) have left it all until the last minute! Either way, I thought it might be fun to look at my pick of the trending Christmas gifts for kids in 2020.

In my selection, I’ve chosen three gifts suitable for both boys and girls, that have great reviews and are under $100. Will your child be receiving one?

1. STEM Robot for Young Programmers

Botley the Coding Robot 2.0 – is a toy that enables kids to have their first coding experience.

In recent years, teaching children how to code has become important in a world where computer technology becomes ever more prevalent. So it’s not surprising that toys that teach kids to code have gained significant popularity.

Where to Buy – Can be purchased at Target, Amazon, and other good retailers.

How Much – Prices start at $64.99.

Age Range – 4 to 7 years.

What it Does

The first version of this toy won Innovative Toy of the Year in 2019. This updated version for 2020 is even smarter with more features.

Using this 78-piece activity set, kids can be solving their first coding and STEM challenges within minutes. Botley 2.0 is said to be the smartest coding robot yet. He allows your kids to learn the basic principles of coding through screen-free play.

Botley can move in six directions, he detects obstacles in his path and can even put on a light show. He’ll transform into a police car, train, ghost, and more. Kids can play ‘Botley Says’ and test their memory with lights and sounds. Coding sequences of up to 150 steps can be programmed into the robot, and he even works in the dark using his built-in lights and sensors.

Trending Christmas Gifts for Kids – My Three Picks - Robotics for Kids
Botley combines computer science and robotics – and is incredibly fun.

The set includes Botley 2.0 Robot, programmer remote, 2 different sets of detachable arms, coding cards, coding boards, various obstacles, and glow in the dark stickers. There is also a detailed instruction book.

Requires five triple AAA batteries, which are not included.

Take Away

This endearing robot is a great way to teach kids about programming without any screen time. Instead, it uses activity concepts to teach technology.

In the online customer reviews, many parents who’d purchased the toy for older children said their younger siblings also enjoyed using the robot while under adult supervision.

==> Check out Botley on Amazon <==

2. The Creative Collectible

LEGO Super Mario Adventures – These days, it’s hard to get away from the fact that kids want to play video games. The next trending Christmas gift for kids I’m going to share with you has its roots in the gaming world. Still, LEGO has taken the characters from the video game and turned them into a building toy that allows your child to be even more creative.

We know too much screen time is bad for our children. It causes sleep problems, increases anxiety, depression, and attention issues. It can also be a component of childhood obesity due to a lack of physical activity. We are, however, in an age where screen time is part of our lives, so finding toys such as this that bridge the real world and the digital world may be beneficial.

Where to Buy – Can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, and other good retailers.

How Much – Prices start at $91.00.

Age Range – 6 years and up

What it Does

This innovative toy was four years in development. It takes the well-known video game character Mario and turns him into a LEGO brick with a difference. LEGO Super Mario has tiny LCD screens built in that allow him to show his emotions just as he does in the video game. This is achieved with the seven action bricks included in the set, which trigger different reactions in LEGO Mario. But that’s not all, you can also hear Mario’s iconic tunes and sounds, too, with the included speaker!

Trending Christmas Gifts for Kids – My Three Picks - Super Mario Has Entertained Millions of Kids
Super Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi were a huge part of my own childhood. Whether you are into video games or not, Lego Super Mario is fun for both you and your kids!

It’s more than just a model, it’s a game, and coins are earned by moving LEGO Mario through the course. The layout of the bricks can be changed again and again to create more fun adventures for Mario to master. There’s also a free LEGO Super Mario app to make play even more fun and entertaining.

Take Away

What I like about this gift is that it promotes creativity and problem-solving skills in your kids. It doesn’t have to involve screen time at all, and I think overall, it’s a great new concept.

==> Have a look at Lego Super Mario on Amazon <==

By the way: If you are into video games and would like to read more about my take on enjoying video games with your kids and also be a responsible mom or dad, as well as some recommendations on what to play, make sure to read my article on playing video games with your kids.

3. The ‘Just for Fun’ Toy

Squeakee the Balloon Dog – Sometimes you just have to allow the kids to have fun, and that’s exactly what this, my first pick is all about.

Made by Squeakee, this robotic dog is designed to look as if it’s made from balloons. You know, like the ones a magician makes at kid’s parties? There are two variations: the all red Squeakee Balloon Dog or Spotty, the Dalmation Squeakee Balloon Dog.

Where to Buy – Both options can be purchased at Amazon, Target, or other good retailers.

How Much – Prices start from $44.88.

Age Range – 5 years to adult.

What it Does

There are all kinds of robotic dogs on the market, but what I like about this trending Christmas gift for kids is that it looks completely different from all the rest. It’s not trying to be a real dog or even a robot dog. It’s original and fun and actually behaves like a dog made from balloons, without the annoying popping part.

The device responds to the voice and includes a pump, a toy that squeaks, and a pin. By pushing the pin into his back, you’ll hear a ‘Pop’ sound, and the Squeakee behaves as if he’s been burst and is deflating (it’s OK though, he isn’t really). If you want to use the pump and re-inflate him, just push it into his nose, and he’ll act as if he’s being blown up again.

The squeaker toy is used to train Squeakee. He’ll sit, stand, beg, and get excited on hearing the squeak toy when he’s played with. If his tummy is tickled, he’ll roll over for more. Kids love it when they feed him with his pump, as it makes him pee and fart! As the dog reacts to voice input, he’ll respond if you tell him he’s being naughty.


A finalist in the Toy of the Year Awards 2021, this robotic pet is in with a chance of winning a top prize. Winners will be announced in February 2021.

Also listed on Bullseye’s Top Toys, a list of the best toys for this holiday season.

Take Away

Kids love how a toy such as this directly interacts with them, and I think it would be a sure ‘just for fun’ winner on Christmas day.

Squeakee requires 4 AA batteries that are not supplied with the toy. He isn’t suitable for children under three, due to small parts.

==> Check out Squeakee “Red” on Amazon <==

==> Check out Squeakee “Dalmation” on Amazon <==


Increasingly kids want gifts that involve some form of technology. Still, just because these three trending Christmas gifts for Kids do have electronic wizardry, it doesn’t mean that other old-time favorites won’t also be appreciated too.

For me, any gift that combines education with entertainment, and kids enjoy, again and again, is always a winner. This can include board games or leisure equipment like bikes, skates, or scooters.

But gifts don’t have to be physical items, they can be activities too, such as swimming, musical instrument or horseback riding lessons. At the end of the day, you know your kids best, and they’ll often let you know what they want themselves, especially as they get older.

For younger kids, there are also some evergreens: I’ve compiled a list of my best toy-picks that me and my back-then three-year-old son Benjamin enjoyed to play together a lot! Make sure to check it out!

If you have anything to add, or would like to share your personal experience with some of the toys I’ve suggested above, please let me know in the comments below. Together we can make this list grow for next year’s Christmas 🙂

Here’s to hoping everyone loves what they receive this holiday season.

All the best,



  1. Hi,
    Wow!, Great ideas for this Christmas season, gifting the right product to kids is important as they spend most of their time playing why not gift them something they can learn from and your article clearly focuses on this aspect, Glad!
    Gift kids with ever evolving coding robot toys as you mentioned in the article is amazing as it helps kids to be aspiring inventors.

    All these toys will help kids activate their inner maker and even teach them coding and robotics, plus these toys can help kids learn cognitive skills like problem solving and critical thinking while they are having fun engaging them and making them think.
    Thanks for sharing such a valuable idea
    Have a Nice Day!

    1. Thanks, Samantha for your kind comment. I hope you had wonderful holidays and could spend some time with your family! Glad you enjoyed reading my article. I’m always happy to read that I could help others 🙂 I wish you and your loved ones all the best!!! chris

  2. Great article Chris and so timely for last-minute shoppers. My own kids are grown and have kids of their own. You have certainly sparked some ideas for gifts for the grandkids. I love getting them away from their screens any chance I get. Last weekend we baked cookies for them to take home with them. They put some in the freezer so they would have them to give Santa for a snack. I believe my 6-year-old grandson would love that “Squeaky Balloon Dog”. I am hoping the local stores have it as it is a bit late to order it from Amazon now. Great ideas. Thank you.

    1. Hi Deb. Glad you liked my article! Yeah, looks like I’m not only a late shopper but also a late blogger 😀 Make sure to check out Target and Walmart. According to their websites, they should also sell some of my picks in-store (see the “Where to Buy”-section above). Thanks and all the best! I wish you guys lovely holidays, chris

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