Careers That Could Be Just Right For You As A Working Parent

When you become a parent, you pick up many transferable skills that can help you in various roles. For example, you become more efficient, are often great with kids, and can anticipate needs of other people in a heartbeat. You also become more empathetic and caring, which is something many roles require now in customer-focused enterprises. If you’re looking for a new career as a working parent and you want to put your skills to good use, read on for some ideas:

Learning Assistant

As a learning assistant you could work in schools alongside teachers to provide support to children who may need it. Some parents even manage to find a role in their child’s school, allowing them to spend more time with them – although you will need to chat to your child about what this means for them, because there certainly can’t be any favoritism! You could even help with something specific if you set out to get a new qualification, such as a degree in speech language. This could bring a lot of satisfaction to your life and help you to put the skills you’ve picked up to the test.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant can mean working from home, spending more time with your kids, and getting paid well. It will all depend on who you work for, but you will likely take on a number of tasks day to day. You may take care of the admin for somebody, as well as take messages for them and help them to prioritize.

Financial Advisor

Parents often have to develop better money skills when they have kids – after all, kids are super expensive. Even if you have never budgeted before, budgeting with kids is often important. If you apply to be a financial advisor for a company, they may train you up and you will spend your time helping others figure out how to better manage their finances and move forward. Again, this can be a satisfying role as many people are just looking for a way to better support their families and will be coming to you for help. You may need to take some courses beforehand, however. Some places will let you choose your own hours, which is helpful if your kids are at school.

Parenting Blogger

If you love writing and feel you have a lot to say about parenting, becoming a parenting blogger could be a dream role. Now, this isn’t something you can necessarily find success with overnight. You’ll have to work very hard, too, creating different types of content and marketing yourself. However, with time and consistency, you could build up a following. You may get paid to host content, post ads and reviews, and more.

Home Business Owner

Consider starting a business from home. You could have a beauty room in your garage, for instance, or you could start selling products you believe in. Just remember that this will often take a financial investment and you’ll need to ensure you have insurance and other important things in place.

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