Can You Downsize Your Living Situation Without Noticing It?

When we think of “downsizing,” it’s easy to think of the starkest examples first. For example, we might think of a business letting go entire department’s worth of employees to cut costs and make it to the new year. When we think of that in personal terms, we might imagine moving into a smaller apartment after once living in a house, perhaps due to a divorce or the loss of a job.

But downsizing, while valid in those instances, is not always about the massive changes that alter the direction of our life. Sometimes, it can be a smart life decision that helps you make better and more economical choices going forward. Perhaps these choices will stay, perhaps they will be temporary, or maybe they’ll give you the forward focus to worry less about finances and focus on efforts you enjoy. For example, downsizing a little to accommodate a less-paid job you absolutely love is not necessarily backsliding, it’s about reprioritizing what certain life goals mean to you.

So far, so good. But is there a way to downsize without particularly noticing it? We believe there is. Let’s explore that, below:

Alternate Your Car

Ultimately, if your car has four wheels, good internal space, responsive control, dependable parts, enough seats for your family, and acceptable fuel economy, then you can drive anything. Selling your car and purchasing a more in-line option alternative for your budget through services like Edmunds can be a great benefit, and may even save you hundreds in insurance, fuel costs, and upkeep per year. If all those prior functions are achieved, then the trimmings and other options are luxuries, not necessities.

Sell & Clear Out

It may be that you’re due a clear-out. Perhaps you have many old but nicer clothes, comic books in the attic, collector’s items, or old furniture that could still fetch a price. Heading to a yard sale or a car boot fundraiser, selling old items on auction houses like eBay, and ridding yourself of clutter could just help you gain enough money to pay off a vacation or potentially sort out festive expenses. Downsizing is not just about making money or saving it – it can also mean freeing up the clutter and detritus of your life, too, ready for a better tomorrow.

Stretch Your Current Belongings

If you’re willing to stretch the time you use something a little longer, you’d be surprised about the money you could save. For example, you could just purchase a brand new released OLED television now, or you could wait two years until your current option, which is perfectly functional, no longer works and save hundreds from the final cost.

This is just one example, sometimes retaining your spending can be so much more powerful and budget-abetting than you imagine. Could it be that this applies to your hobbies, your kitchenware, the clothes you keep up with, or when you upgrade your phone? Sometimes, the effects of “downsizing” are as helpful as leaving “upsizing” just that little bit longer.

With this advice, you’re certain to downsize parts of your living situation when needed, without necessarily noticing the effect.

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