Car Repairs To Make Before Summer Arrives

Before summer arrives this year, it could be worth making a few of these repairs to your car. Fixing these faults could make your car more comfortable – and in some cases safer – in the summer heat; for you and the entire family. The car repairs worth making are as follows…

Get your AC re-gassed

It’s worth checking that your car’s air conditioning is working before summer arrives. If the vents are blowing out hot air, it could be a sign that your car’s air conditioning needs to be regassed.

This involves putting new refrigerant gas into your AC system – something that should ideally be done every 2 years if you use your air con a lot in summer. After this, your AC should start blowing cold air out again.

There are other problems that can stop your AC from working including blockages and mechanical problems. If the air is coming out warm, if the system is making odd noises or if there are odd smells, it’s worth getting it checked out by a repair specialist.

Fix your faulty sunroof

If your car has a sunroof, it may also be worth checking that this is functioning correctly. Sunroofs can sometimes stop opening due to wear and tear or debris getting stuck in the gears. If this is the case, it could be worth looking into repairs before summer arrives.

There are companies that specialise in sunroof repair. In some cases, a sunroof replacement may be necessary if there is damage to the actual roof. In other cases, it could be an electrical problem.

Replace worn tires

Tires blowouts are much more common in summer than in winter, because the rubber gets much hotter. A blowout is more likely if the tire is already damaged or if it is underinflated.

When it comes to damage, you should look out for bulges or severe wear that is close to the minimum tread depth. Switching to a new set of tires could reduce the risk of your tire bursting – and could be particularly worthwhile if you have any long drives planned.

If tires are underinflated, these can simply be pumped back up with air. Look out for slow punctures – you shouldn’t have to be constantly re-inflating tires after every journey.

Check your engine coolant

This is more of a regular maintenance task than a repair, however it is very important for reducing future problems. Engine coolant is responsible for preventing your engine from overheating. The most common time for engines to overheat is in summer – and a lack of engine coolant can often be a cause.

If your engine coolant is looking a little low, consider topping it up now. It’s worth noting that there are other faults that can increase a car’s risk of overheating including coolant system leaks, a broken water pump or even low oil levels. A few signs that your engine is getting too hot include vapor coming from your engine, your hood being hot to touch after a journey or warning lights on your dashboard.

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