DIY Fixes to Keep Your Family Comfy This Winter

Make sure your family is comfy and happy this winter with some simple DIY fixes that take needless stress out of the holiday season. There is enough to occupy your mind during winter without having to contend with burst water pipes or water damage to your interior plaster walls.

Insulate Water Pipes

When you don’t look after your water pipes in the winter, there’s a chance they will burst and flood your basement or ground floors. That’s a worst-case scenario, but even in the best cases, you might encounter unfortunate leaks that lead to costly and inconvenient water damage.

The good news is that all of this is easy to avoid when you insulate the water pipes to prevent leaks and burst pipes. Residual water in the pipes can freeze and expand during the winter, causing cracks and damage. During the thaw, the water flow spills into the walls and floors.

Insulate Living Space

Energy bills are rising, but that’s not the only reason to insulate your living space. If you want to keep your family warm and happy this winter, make sure you have heavy curtains over the windows and proper insulation in the walls, this helps to trap the precious heat you generate.

Again, home insulation is a relatively easy DIY fix, especially if it simply involves hanging new curtains. That said, you might want to hire a professional service to improve the insulation in the walls, cavity wall insulation using foam is the best as it seals up all the little cracks and tears.

Fix Drywall Damage

Drywall is the perfect material for indoor walls; it’s a synthetic material designed to cover insulation and brickwork and maintain a warm and dry interior; the trouble is that drywall can be easily damaged. If you’re moving furniture or you have boisterous kids, you should know this.

It can be frustrating when drywall is damaged because it is difficult to repair; most people simply live with the damage until it makes sense to replace the panels, but it doesn’t have to be like that; you can hire Plaster Repair services before winter and have drywall professionally fixed.

Clear the Gutters

Don’t forget to clear the gutters before the cold weather sets in. Autumn leaves accumulate in the gutters through the autumn and need to be cleared out to avoid water damage and other issues. The good news is this is an easy DIY job that you can carry out on a sunny afternoon.

All you need to clear the gutters is a set of ladders and a pair of gardening gloves. Make sure the ladders you are using are fit for purpose and propped securely against the ground; it’s also a good idea to have a bucket that you can secure to the ladder to avoid throwing leaves around.

Final Thoughts

Winter is a chilly wet season, so you have to work extra hard to maintain the quality of your home life, but some DIY attention to your home between fall and winter is the best way to keep your family home comfy and free from issues throughout the festive season into the new year.

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