Fun Family Activities To Try This Winter

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. As soon as Halloween is over many of us start getting into the festive spirit and whether we are preparing for a thanksgiving feast or counting down to Christmas, there are so many fun and festive things to do.

As a family, if you have some free time this winter and you are looking for the perfect way to spend it – allow us to help you find some amazing activities to do. Here are some great ideas for ways to spend your winter this year.

Visit Lapland

If you have never thought of doing a winter getaway – Lapland is the most magical place you can visit. Set in stunning snowy hills, Lapland is the perfect place to take the kids to meet Santa and find out what the elves are up to before the big day. You’ll be able to enjoy a whole bucket load of festive activities as a family and it will get everyone ready for the festive season. If you plan on taking your car to Lapland, make sure to consider the terrain and take a visit to a Range Rover Dealer before the trip and give yourself an early Christmas present!

See The Northern Lights

The northern lights, or Aurora borealis, is one of the most magical spectacles in the world. If this winter you want your kids to get into the spirit and truly believe in the magic of our world, go to one of the best places to view the northern lights. Norway, Canada, Iceland, Finland and more are the ideal viewing points for this dancing light phenomenon.

Visit a Light Switch On

One great way to spend an evening during winter is to find a Christmas light switch on in your local area such as a park or a city, and head over there for the celebrations. Usually these events will have food and drinks available and maybe even some entertainment for the countdown. It can be a fun way to get out of the house around the festive season and your kids will love it.

Go For a Nighttime Drive

There is nothing better in December than hopping in the car with the family and driving around your local streets and roads. You’ll be able to see the many festive light displays put up by people in your area and this is a super fun way to get festive. Of course, if the weather is nice and you are willing to wrap up – walking this route can be even better because you can stop and look at the lights!

Host a Festive Dinner Party

What better way than to welcome the cold season in than by hosting a big family get together with your loved ones? A festive dinner party can involve a big roast dinner and some fun sweet treats, and it will be a great excuse to catch up with everyone and enjoy your time as a family together in one place.

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