How To Create A Great Set Up For You And Your Kids To Work From

Being a parent and needing to help your children with homework or homeschooling while you have work to do can be difficult. It can be tiring if you do not have the right workspace set up for you both to sit and be productive.

Therefore, if you want to create a great set up so that you and your kids can complete school and work commitments, here’s how.

Find a shared tablespace

In the home, there are always surfaces that you can take advantage of to work together and use as a homework space at home for your kids and a workspace for you.

Whether it be a desk, the kitchen table, or a coffee table, using any space that is big enough for the two of you (or more) will allow you to sit together while you work. Using the same space means that you can keep an eye on them and offer them help when they need it.

Keep it organized and tidy

When you share a space to work from with your child, it might quickly become messy, especially if they have lots of stationary and you have a lot of cables to charge your devices.

Hence, it is important to keep it tidy and organized so that you can both focus. Simple ideas such as using a pen pot for the stationary and cable tidy’s for your wires will ensure that the space can stay as tidy and as organized as possible at all times. You can Read More Here about how to better organize your cables to keep a tidy workspace.

Create a timetable

When you are juggling work and your child’s homework, it can sometimes get confusing if you work at different times. For instance, your child might kick up a fuss if you choose to do their homework after dinner.

Therefore, if you create a timetable, then everyone will know when it is time to sit down and work. Nobody will kick up an unexpected fuss as everyone will be prepared to be ready for that time to work and be productive.

Create a zen space

As well as creating a dedicated and tidy space to work from, it will prove effective to create a zen space. It is important to avoid all distractions where possible so that you can both maintain focus. You might both need to avoid distractions in order to work, so ensure that you know what triggers you both (all).

For instance, sitting in the living room at the coffee table with the TV on is not going to do your child’s focus any favors. Therefore, create a space with minimal distractions and a calm atmosphere. You could make it early in the evening so that natural light still passes through the room. You could play soft jazz in the background, which is known to be effective to help people concentrate. Any simple way of making to the environment more calming will help you both maintain focus and make the work time productive.

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