How To Make Your Child’s Birthday The Best One Ever When You’ve Got No Money

How To Make Your Childs Birthday The Best One Ever When You Have Got No Money

One of the most difficult things that you will probably experience as an adult is not having enough money to make your child’s day feel truly special.

For most parents, their child is a very key part of their life. It’s not your kid’s fault when you do not have the resources required to give them a special day and this can cause you an immense amount of guilt.

That being said, there are ways for you to make them feel really special without having to break the bank.

Tip #1: Spend the Day Doing Something Fun

It doesn’t matter how much or little money you have because the best gift you can give to your child is your energy, your time, and your undivided attention. It doesn’t matter what you do or even what you could have given them because this is the real gift. If you can, center your child’s birthday around these things.

Give your child a full day of your time and your attention too. Play games with them, walk to the park and play on the swings or even play football in the yard. You can also draw some pictures or watch some television with one another.

Things like this can help you to have the best time with one another.

Tip #2: Have a Building Session

If you go to any home building store, you will soon find that there are kid’s projects galore. Give your child a few items and show them how they can build by using them.

You can easily show them how to make a box for their toys or you can give them a piece of wood to create their own artwork. You can then hang it in the garden so that they can be proud of it for years to come.

They will have a very nice memory of an activity and it doesn’t have to cost you a great deal either.

Have a Building Session
Building something together with your child or doing some gardening, for example, will make good memories that stay!

Tip #3: Buy ONE Toy

A lot of parents think that they need to buy their child everything that they ask for, but this is not the case at all. In fact, it’s very easy for you to buy a single toy for your child and have them love it.

Children often have a favorite toy anyway, so if you don’t have a lot of money, just buy them the one. It may be that your child wants a super wings transforming dizzy or that they just want a brand-new football so that they can go and have some fun with their friends.

Either way, when you sit down and talk to your child you will soon see that you have a lot of options.

Tip #4: Make a Coupon Book

Coupons are small pieces of paper that describe things that your kids may want. They usually involve you giving them extra time and attention, but either way, it is a fantastic way for you to make your child’s day.

You may give them a coupon for an additional bedtime story, or you may give them a way to have a movie day.


I hope you liked my ideas for your kids next birthday, especially if you’re somewhat short on money. A situation many people can relate to, especially in times of a world wide pandemic…

What are your thoughts on the topic? What do you have to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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