Laptop Time For Kids: What Are The Pros & Cons?

Laptop time – or computer time – is where you let your kids have a bit of time on the PC. Perhaps they want to play some games, watch some videos, or just browse the web. The question on a lot of parents’ lips is: is this a good idea? What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving your child time on a laptop?

Pro: Helps them learn how to use a laptop

The big advantage is that you teach your child a valuable skill. They will need to know how to use computers if they want to do any job in life. So, teaching them from a young age helps them understand what to do when they need to do it. It makes them more tech-savvy, which is always a benefit for this generation of kids.

Con: Can be dangerous

Giving a child access to a laptop can potentially be very dangerous. They could stumble upon anything online, a lot of which is not suitable for a small child to see. This is a big worry for most parents, but you can find ways around it by setting parental blocks on a lot of sites. With your browser having parental guidance settings turned on, it should mean that all the bad sites are filtered out, making the internet a safer place for children.

Pro: Keeps them occupied

It might feel like lazy parenting, but sometimes you need to give your child something to focus on while you get on with other tasks. Laptop time is the ideal thing to amuse your child while you’re busy working on dinner or doing the washing up. If you need half an hour or so to yourself, this can be such an easy way to ensure they’re occupied without your constant supervision.

Con: Potentially bad for their health

Another bad aspect of giving your children laptop time is that it can be bad for their health in some instances. For one, sitting at a computer or laptop is bad for your child’s posture. It can lead to muscle imbalances while they’re still developing, which may result in long-term postural problems. You can find ways around this, such as creating a place for them to use the laptop that makes them maintain good posture. Something like a laptop tower seen on can help by raising the screen level so they don’t hunch over. You also have the issue with screen time and eyesight, which is a big one to worry about as well. Again, there are ways around this – such as altering the brightness settings or restricting their time on the laptop.


Overall, you should let your kids have laptop time every now and then, purely to reap the benefits from it. It can be so advantageous for them to develop technological skills from a very young age. Plus, as a busy parent, you need something to occupy your kids when you can’t play with them. The golden rule is to let them use the PC in moderation – restrict their time on the laptop to an hour or so per day, nothing more.

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