Why Being A Gamer Could Be Your Child’s Future Profession

Why Being A Gamer Could Be Your Childs Future Profession

We all know what a gamer is, and your children especially. YouTube is such a big platform where people go to watch videos, to either learn, be entertained, or know about important things out there in the world, along with so much more.

There is now a way to play games, and be paid for it while making a huge opportunity for yourself. A lot of parents are unsure about the idea of video games, as people assume they’re a waste of time and far too consuming. And while there are and always will be some concerns – as long as things are done in moderation, as well as done safely, there really is a lot of possibilities that it could bring.

Kids love to watch others play online to not only seek help and advice for completing various missions that they’re stuck on, but also to have a laugh and be entertained by someone they look up to and admire.

There are of course things to learn that will take skill and understanding in terms of working towards this goal, from how to effectively manage a YouTube account, recording your screen (as described on this page: https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-take-screenshot-record-on-mac) to then upload it successfully, and managing advanced live streaming and broadcasting software. But this is where you come in and take charge, then once they reach the age to have full responsibility, you can pass down the knowledge. It’s teamwork, and that is also something that is taught through the art of gaming.

So if your child is thinking about going down this road – don’t shoot them down – anything is possible! Here are just a couple of examples of the benefits that await.

The financial aspect

Let’s face it, making a decent amount of money is what a lot of people look to when they seek work, and if your child makes it and really becomes popular and known, the amount of money they could make is endless.

Why Being A Gamer Could Be Your Childs Future Profession - Gamers Can Make A Lot Of Money

This is because not only would YouTube pay them, but they will also be sponsored by gaming companies, and even companies that want to be promoted by your child using their equipment. The bigger and more of an influence they gain, the more money they will make.

The love for your work

Every parent’s dream is for their child to have a job that not only allows them to be financially free, but happy. Happiness is the most important thing and if you aren’t doing something that you love, then you’re never going to want to get out of bed in the morning because you aren’t being fulfilled.

So the idea that your child could literally play games that they enjoy, for a living, is essentially a dream. – A dream that sounds too good to be true, but yet is so possible.

It’s an industry that so many people will want to do, and so it will get competitive and your child will have to work hard and stay determined, but with the right balance of knowledge, skill, and focus – they will get there.

Keep things balanced

However, make sure that you keep things balanced. If your kid is enthusiastic about gaming, that’s great and you can certainly help your kid living his or her dream.

On the other hand, make sure that gaming is not your kid’s only priority. School, sports and especially their social life should never suffer because of gaming. Gaming is great! It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it teaches your kid a lot. But just like any other thing it should never become a person’s single priority.

Why Being A Gamer Could Be Your Childs Future Profession - Keep things balanced

Take care of your kids! Help them to thrive, but don’t focus too much on just ONE thing! Don’t let your kids loose themselves…

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