Which Hobbies Are Great For Dads And Kids To Do Together?

Which Hobbies Are Great For Dads And Kids To Do Together

One of the challenges that parents can have is finding time for their own hobbies while also dedicating time to their kids. While it’s important to have time to yourself sometimes, there is a way to achieve both of these goals at once by doing your hobbies and spending time with your kids at the same time.

In fact, getting your children involved in your hobbies can be an excellent bonding experience. Seeing your kids get excited about the things that you love can renew your passion for them, or you can try new things together. But which activities might you try together?

Big Boys’ Toys

A lot of (typically) male hobbies are often labeled big boys’ toys. They’re designed for adults but they’re very reminiscent of children’s toys. This might include things such as motor-controlled vehicle toys, drones, and model railways.

Some model railway fans might be a bit too precious about their trains to let their kids touch them, but not everyone feels that way. You could even visit this page and pick out a new train together. It’s something you can play with together that you can both enjoy. Plus, it encourages creativity and imagination when you’re building and playing with your sets.

Getting Active

Keeping fit as a parent can be tough, even when your kids give you the run-around. But if you decide to get active with your kids, you can exercise and spend time with them at the same time.

There are all kinds of activities you might enjoy doing with them, from swimming to football. Go for a walk or even a run, take them for a bike ride, or teach them to play tennis. Maybe you’re a big golf fan and you can teach them to swing or even take them to the nearest driving range.

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Arts and Crafts

If you’re more of a crafty dad, it can be a great thing to share with your kids. It encourages them to be creative and handy, two skills that could be useful later in life. Whether you enjoy sewing, woodworking, painting, or printing 3D models, you can find ways to get the kids involved.

You might have to adapt what you’re doing to make the activity suitable for children, but there are usually easy projects that they can try out. Just remember that if you’re using any tools or machinery, it’s important to establish safety rules first.


Gardening is something you can do for practical reasons or just for aesthetics. Maybe you like growing fruits, vegetables and herbs or your main aim is to create a beautiful garden. Either way, it’s an easy activity to do with your children.

Have a Building Session
Building something together with your child or doing some gardening, for example, will make good memories that stay!

There’s plenty that they can do, from helping to plant things to watering, weeding, pruning, and other tasks. They’ll get to see the results of their hard work too, whether it’s green grass, a bountiful harvest, or pretty flowers.


As you’ve seen: Dads don’t need to abandon their hobbies. You can do them with your kids and find new things to do together too. It’s actually tons of fun and leads to quality bonding time with your kid(s)!

What is your favorite hobby and how do you like to share it with your kids? What works well and what doesn’t!? Let’s discuss in the comments below 🙂

All the best to you and your family!

Josh – Contributing Author

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