Rollei Sportsline 64 Review: Is THIS the Best Camera for Kids?

Rollei Sportsline 64 - The Best Camera for Kids

Ever since my wife and I planned our first trip to the United States together with our 3-year-old son Benni, I had this idea in my mind to give my son a digital camera and ask him to take photos of the world, of us, of the sightseeing that we do, the roads we travel etc.

The idea was to encourage him to do what I do with my own DSLR as well: Take pictures of the world the way I see it! Wouldn’t it be great for us and for him to have a collection of pictures that he took himself? Something he could be proud of. And for me, I thought, it would be super interesting to see what attracts his attention, what he aims at with his camera and what he thinks is worth taking pictures of?

I did some research on Amazon and other blogs, but couldn’t really find a “good” camera for my son. They were either too expensive, not robust enough or simply totally overloaded (we’ll get into that later). But finally, my search is over: I think I found the perfect camera for kids! And the award goes to the Rollei Sportsline 64! Keep reading to learn why…

Why a Camera for Kids?

Back in the days when I was a kid myself, I remember very well how proud I was of my first, very own camera. Back then in the 1980s and 1990s, there were no affordable digital cameras around. When I wanted to take pictures, I would have to ask my parents to cover the costs for a good old “analog” film as well as the costs for the development of the pictures!

Rollei Sportsline 64 Review - Back in the days taking pictures was really expensive
Rollei Sportsline 64 Review – Back in the days taking pictures was really expensive, especially for me as a child! With digital cameras, this has changed a lot…

Nowadays, with the rapid development of digital cameras, there are tons of options around and kids can take photos and experiment with them on their heart’s content, which is great!

Kids love having their own “adult stuff”! They love playing being grown-ups and they love having toys that allow them to do just that. They love writing their own stories. And they love to be creative. And finally: Kids in today’s world should learn about technology as soon as possible! A digital camera is a great way to get them interested and involved!

Take those three ingredients and you have the perfect answer why kids love having their OWN digital camera: Because it allows them to feel grown up and follow their creative nature! And it allows them to preserve their precious memories.

What Makes a Good Camera for Kids?

When I was doing my research, I tried to come up with an answer to the question of “What qualities make a good camera for kids? And what should be avoided?”

Here is what I came up with: A good camera for kids should…

  • … be robust
  • … have little to no movable parts
  • … be able to deal with minor incidents (like water spills, impacts etc.)
  • … be small and lightweight
  • … be easy to use and have just a very few, basic buttons
  • … ideally, come with some basic accessories (like a protective camera case and a wristband etc.)
  • … have its batteries and its SD card protected in a way so that kids cannot simply get ahold of it (and lose or swallow it)
  • … use off-the-shelf batteries instead of a special battery pack (so that we could simply buy replacement batteries in case they get empty while we are at the zoo or so, instead of calling it a day and having to drive home in order to charge it)
  • … be distraction free (in terms of being a camera, and a camera ONLY and not include video games and/or a music player etc.)

That is MY list of criteria that I had to consider when I was looking for that number 1 camera to buy for my son. Did I miss something? If you come up with something I forgot about, please let me know in the comments below so that I can add it, will you?

What Are Your Options?

Now that we have the main criteria out of the way, let’s take a look at the most obvious candidates to give to your kids as their OWN camera:


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablet are probably the most obvious option to go for, you may think. Smartphones like the iPhone or modern Samsung devices have great cameras, and in many cases where you want to take a photo, they totally got you covered.

However, in my opinion, they fail as a camera to give to your kids for a bunch of reasons, the most important ones being:

  • Smartphones and tablets are quite expensive (this may not be important if you have an old iPhone in your drawer anyways)
  • These mobile devices have huge displays, which makes them exactly the opposite of being robust. Also, many of them, especially older models, are not at all waterproof!
  • They are also the exact opposite of “distraction-free”. If you’ve ever seen a 3-year-old using a tablet, you know how quickly they can switch between apps and play a video game instead of taking a picture in seconds, even at their young age!

Now that last one is really critical to me: I wanted to make sure that the camera I get for my kid would be “distraction free”. What I mean by that is that when we grab it in order to take photos, the camera should do exactly that, and nothing else.

A tablet is one option for your kids to take pictures
A tablet is one option for your kids to take pictures. But it offers a lot of distraction as if it breaks it’s really expensive!

Action Cams

Action cams like GoPros or so are a better option. They are usually designed to do the heavy lifting and survive incidents like being dropped; and many of them are waterproof, which certainly is a plus! However:

  • They are quite small and also have small buttons, which makes them hard for kids to use
  • Most of them do not have a viewfinder, which does not help your kids either
  • They usually have built-in batteries which means that it is hard to charge them on the go as you cannot simply replace the batteries
Action cams are certainly rigid and waterproof
Action cams are certainly rigid and waterproof, but they aren’t easy to use for kids!

Special Cams for kids

When you search for “camera for kids” on Amazon, you will find a bunch of cameras that are made specifically for kids. One example would be the VTech Kidizoom DUO Selfie Camera.

Now, while these cameras are certainly appealing to kids and also qualify by checking off many of the requirements I have listed above, they all fail for that last criteria:

Why does a CAMERA made for kids have to offer video games and/or music? I don’t get that! Battery life is an issue with pretty much ALL cameras, so why would you want to have your kids play games on this device? We live in a day where pretty much every single adult owns a smartphone. If I want my son to play a video game (which I am totally fine with every now and then), I can give it to him. He certainly does not need a camera that allows him to play games or listen to music.

Sorry for this rant! 🙂

What I’m trying to say: Kiddie Cams are a good idea, but they fail at a criterion that is very important to me. Hence my search went on. Finally, I came across a device that would be perfect for my son…

Introducing the Rollei Sportsline 64

While browsing amazon’s catalog for a while I stumbled across this hidden gem: The Rollei Sportsline64.

It’s a nice, small, affordable and easy-to-use camera. It is robust, it is waterproof and while the tech specs are not outstanding, the camera is certainly capable enough for a child. And if it ever happens to break it, well, doesn’t break the bank!

What I really like about it is the sturdy design. The black “bumper” you can see in the image above makes it easy to grab and hold for children. And with the shutter and the on/off toggle both on top of the camera, the two most important buttons are right there where your kid needs them. And it is easy to explain to them that those are the only two buttons they need to get started!

And it comes with (almost) everything you need to get started. The package includes a camera case, a wristband and even a set of two AAA batteries!

I noticed, though, that the camera drains the battery relatively quickly, which is one of the obvious downsides, so I would suggest ordering a set of rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop batteries along with the camera, as well as a 16 GB micro SD card. We’ll take a look at the grand total in the next section, so please stay with me here 🙂

Image Quality

As I mentioned earlier. The image quality certainly isn’t the best. Even in the Rollei’s price range, there are tons of cameras that offer a better image quality. But none of them proved so kid-compatible in terms of robustness and versatility.

Just so you get an idea of what this camera has to offer, here are a few snapshots that my 3-year-old son took just recently when we visited the Cologne Zoo together with some friends:

Rollei Sportsline 64: Sample Image 1
A picture of a camel taken by my son. Image composition is somewhat off, and he certainly has to learn to keep his finger off the lens 🙂
Rollei Sportsline 64: Sample Image 2
The Rollei offers a digital zoom only. This picture shows how much this affects the image quality. Bottom line: Avoid the zoom!

Rollei Sportsline 64: Sample Image 3

Rollei Sportsline 64: Sample Image 4
This picture was taken indoors without a whole lot of light. Taking that into account, the picture quality is quite good!

What’s in the Box

What I really liked about the camera is that it basically comes with everything you need to get started, except a micro SD card which you will have to purchase separately. Inside the box there is

  • the camera
  • a camera case
  • a wristband
  • two AAA batteries
  • a USB cable (this is ONLY to transfer the images to your computer; not for charging, though)
  • a manual
Rollei Sportsline 64 - Is This the Best Camera for Kids - Whats in the box
What’s in the box?

Is the Rollei Sportsline 64 Worth Your Money? A Word About the Grand Total!

When you are deciding to buy the Rollei Sportsline 64 for your kids together with the batteries and SD card that I suggested above, you are looking at a grand total of roughly $100.

Your Camera

Your Batteries

Your SD Card

That may sound like a lot, and taking into account that your smartphone makes, without a doubt, better images without spending a single dime on top this may be a hard pill to swallow.

Rollei Sportsline 64 - Is This the Best Camera for Kids - Battery Compartment
I suggest purchasing a set of rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop AAA batteries together with the Rollei Sportsline 64

But: I purchased the Rollei Sportsline 64 for my son and he simply loves it. It is so easy to use and it is so much fun to go through the pictures he took together with him. I would, without a doubt, purchase it again and I am super happy I did in the first place. That smile on his face is just worth every single penny 🙂

The Good and the Bad of the Rollei Sportsline 64

Finally, let’s sum up what the Rollei Sportsline 64 has to offer and what its pros and cons are:

The Good

  • Rollei Sportsline 64 Review - The wrist band can be a real life saver
    The wristband can literally be a lifesaver

    It’s affordable. Roughly 75 bucks for the cam isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t break the bank either. If you don’t already own rechargeable AAA batteries and/or a micro SD card then that will bring you to a grand total of round about $100.

  • It is waterproof and robust which is both great when you are thinking about giving any device to a kid or even a toddler (which you can certainly do with this cam as long as you stick around for safety reasons).
  • It is super simple and kid-friendly to use
  • It doesn’t have any games or music. It’s just a camera. It takes pictures and videos. Distraction-free! Awesome!!!
  • It comes with a free camera case, wristband and a set of AAA batteries

The Bad

  • The batteries drain quickly: When we tested the camera in the zoo, the batteries were dead at the end of our visit. Then again: Kids aren’t born energy savers, and they certainly won’t turn the camera on before and off after each shot. I bet that any smartphone’s battery out there would be dead three times sooner under these circumstances 🙂
  • The image quality certainly is not a highlight. But at the end of the day, our son is proud of the photos he takes, and I don’t have to be scared that he will drop my smartphone, let alone my DSLR. He’s happy and that makes me happy!

The Verdict: My Final Thoughts About the Rollei Sportsline 64

To sum this review up: With the Rollei Sportsline 64, I found the perfect camera for my son. It offers everything I was looking for and my son is really happy with it.

Of course, the only real downside, the somewhat poor image quality, may be a deal breaker for you, especially if you are an enthusiast. But bear in mind: I am not suggesting this camera for enthusiasts. I’m suggesting to get it for your toddler, pre-schooler and maybe first-grader.

Rollei Sportsline 64 Review - The best camera for kids between 3 and 7 years old
I would suggest the Rollei Sportsline 64 to any mom or dad of kids between 3 and 7 years old. If your kid is older, you’re probably better of with a more advanced camera!

After that age, I’d say, your kids are probably capable of taking more responsibility and deal with more technological advanced cameras. So for any kid older than maybe 8 years, you’re most likely better off buying them a more advanced camera! Especially if you are an enthusiast yourself and want to introduce your kid to some more advanced aspects of photography.

But for kids between 3 and 7 years old, the Rollei Sportsline 64 is the ideal camera. It’s easy to use, it is rigid, it is waterproof and it is affordable! It may not be perfect in terms of the results that YOU as an adult can achieve with it. But it makes my son happy – and proud! And that’s exactly why I would suggest this camera to any mom or dad looking for a good digital camera for their kids.

Thanks for Reading My Article!

Thanks for taking the time. If you made it to this point, I’d love to hear from you what YOU think about my recommendation. Did I miss anything? Did you purchase the Rollei Sportsline 64 for your kids? If so, how do you like it? Did you get a different camera? If so, which one and why? Please let me know in the comments below!

All the best to you and your family,



Rollei Sportsline 64


Image Quality


Fun Factor


Educational Value


Material Quality


Value for money



  • Affordable
  • Waterproof and Robust
  • Super simple and kid-friendly to use
  • Distraction-free (no apps, games, music etc.)
  • Comes with a free camera case and a set of AAA batteries


  • Drains batteries quickly
  • Image quality does not reach that of modern day smartphones


  1. Greate review. 

    First off, I love the idea of giving kids a camera as a gift. This encourages them to get up outside, it gives them something to take with them on a trip out and best of all I find is that they can take some really great photos from such a different perspective.

    As you say GoPros are great pieces of technology but I too found that the buttons were too hard for little fingers to push and so It was used as a periscope for half an hour then forgotten

    The Rollei looks like a great option, any info on the waterproof rating? WOuld be interesting to know if this thing can take a dive in the pool without any worries or if it’s best for a rainy day.


  2. Hi Chris

    I was actually searching for a present for a nephew of mine and was actually looking to buy him a toy camera drone but this has given me another option. It is amazing how far technology has come, the image quality of the Rollie sportsline 64 is very good, i’m still surprised this is actually for kids. Love the sturdy design and the pouch will be great for travelling with. Great review, thanks.

  3. With my daughters birthday coming up, I have been thinking of ways to keep her out of my camera bag and this might have my solution!

    I like that the Rollei Sportsline 64 is waterproof and robust, but do you know deep it can go and for how long before taking to much damage. We like to hike and take mountain pictures, so it could end up in a small river.

    Thanks for the information and I will be sure to keep this in mind for my daughter!

  4. I so adore your article, in fact it amazed me with qualities grammar, with the last paragraph , i like the quote “The children are probably talented of taking more answerability and peace following more technological understanding once looking cameras. So for any kid older than maybe 8 years, youin the region of most likely greater than before off buying them a more militant camera! Especially if you are an adherent yourself and nonappearance to introduce your kid to some more militant aspects of photography”

  5. What I like the most is that it is free of distractions.
    In these days we can not stop children when technology is concerned and taking pictures is something we do every day.
    I have a 1-year-old son and he is already interested in everything that is technological. I do not like to see children with phones and tablets in their hands, in my opinion, it steals their childhood and they become very sedentary.
    I love to travel and I find it very interesting to buy a special camera for children since they always want to imitate us.
    It is an excellent option and I will not be afraid that my smartphone will break down in the trip hahaha.
    Thanks for this article 🙂

  6. this is really a nice review.

    it looks great when you tried getting a camera for your kids, which they sometime break even without minding. what will you do, nothing, are only left with no option than to get another for them.
    But it seems as if Rollei Sportsline 64 can really serve better for them. yea. it looks strong and Handy.

    nice Review Dear, i appreciate.

    1. Hi Bibian, 

      Thanks so much for reading my review and leaving a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m convinced that introducing your kids to tech like this from an early age on is critical when we are talking about raising capable kids in a digital world. It can certainly come with some costs involved, as things might break, but personally, I believe, allowing your kids to fail is what makes them grow in the long term! 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! 

      Have a wonderful day, 


  7. What I definitely like the most about Rollei Sportsline 64 is its astounding features. It gives my son the opportunity to see what our world has to offer without worrying about destroying his gadget. The robust capability impressed me the most. The image quality’s also perfect for my kid’s perception.

    1. Hi Ernst,

      thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you liked the article and my review. From what I read I understand that you own the camera yourself and agree with my judgement!? If so, that is awesome. Glad you liked my recommendation, followed it and are happy with your purchase 🙂 That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

      All the best to you and your loved ones,


  8. Well, you certainly have put a lot of thought into this. Myself, I have never thought about giving a kid a camera in part because I don’t care about what a kid sees in the world- and I’m a teacher.

    But I can certainly see the value in giving a kid a camera: responsibility, creativity, some tech understanding, patience, etc.

    Kids can get bored on trips, but with a camera ready, adventure is always available. I think that you have chosen a good kid’s camera. I don’t care about high pixels counts and such, but the battery problem is serious. I hope someone can improve that aspect.

    1. Hey Peter, 

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I agree that the battery problem is serious, but since the camera uses standard AAA batteries, you can always pack spare batteries and use them “on the fly”. If it was a specifically designed battery pack, the issue would be much worse. At the time of writing this article I had only tested the batteries that come together with the camera and not my own, quality eneloop batteries. As soon as I have some more data collected, I’ll update the article accordingly 🙂 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the best to you and your family,


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